The Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

At this day and age, mobile phones are very important. If you don’t have one, you have a hard time getting by especially because everyone around you expects you to be reachable at any time. Gone are the days when we have to actually think about whether or not we want to use a mobile phone. However, it is still essential to be reminded of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones.



In case of emergency

Mobile phones are very important in emergency cases especially if we don’t have a home phone or we are not at home. Cellphones now have GPS trackers that could be very useful when we encounter emergencies and the people looking for us need to find us.

Staying connected

From calls and text messages to emails and social media networking, mobile phones prove to be very useful. It is important to stay connected and mobile phones make that easily possible. We can be reached at any time and we stay updated with what’s going on with the world. It is also very easy to stay in contact with loved ones anywhere in the world. Unlike before, if someone is far, you need access to a computer so that you can chat with someone from a different place. Now, you can use your phone to chat in Skype or Face Time.

Getting entertained

If we have a lot of free time or we find ourselves waiting for our turn at a long queue, cellphones are a lot of fun to play with or watch videos and photos on. We can even exchange photos and videos with our friends and family at any time.


We all know how very useful mobile phones are that we seem to have forgotten how it is to live without one. The disadvantages of owning a mobile phone include:

Less personal time

With a phone, you are constantly reachable and whether you are in the shower or soundly sleeping, people can contact you through your cellphone. Of course you can always turn off your phone but in case there might be an emergency, you would not want to miss a call that lets you know about it for sure. Mobile phones have become so important that the idea of having to turn off yours just to have some personal time is not easy to think about. It takes a lot of effort to stay without a phone.

Added expense

Using mobile phones entail added expense. You constantly need to upgrade your phone aside from the monthly contract you have to pay. If you want to be able to use the Internet as well aside from just making calls and sending messages, you’d have to pay extra. Sometimes, owning a mobile device can prove to be very expensive. Having a cellphone is like having to maintain a pet or raise a child. There is always one expense after another and as long as you’re using it, you cannot stop the expenses from coming.