Getting Ready for Another Mobile Phone Deal

If you are nearing the end of your contract or your mobile phone deal has already expired, you may be looking for another deal. Your loyalty may save you quite a bit of money on your next deal. You can find the cheapest mobile phone deals more easily than your first time to get a contract.


To get the most out of your current standing with your mobile network provider, try the following:


If you do it at the right time, say a month before your contract expires, you can actually haggle for a better deal or better tariffs. Before making that call, research on what the current deals are from other network providers so you can use it as a benchmark when you ask for lower tariff. Also make sure to ask for free texts and free calls for your new mobile phone deal as well as a new handset. If they say no, you might be better off getting a whole new deal with another provider.


If you ask for your current contract to be disconnected, you will be referred to customer retention department where you can get an array of offers just so they can keep you as a customer. Only do this though if you are prepared to actually look for another contract elsewhere. If they say no to you and you are not totally convinced that you should change provider, just tell them that you will think about it and call them back later on. Since mobile network providers are in tough competition with each other, the one you’re with is likely to pull all stops just to keep you. As long as you know your worth as a customer, you’d know how to successfully play this trick.


Sometimes, haggling and threatening to disconnect may not work because there are a lot of factors that mobile network providers have to consider as well. If you’re not getting anywhere with them, don’t be afraid to do some research or use mobile phone deal comparison sites to find cheaper options. If you have good credit, you’re more likely to get better offers from other providers if the current one does not care about retaining you.

At the end of your mobile phone contract, you’re likely to be considering other options like SIM only deals or pay as you go especially if you don’t need a new phone and you’re happy with the one you currently have. SIM only deals are great in this case because you have the same convenience as when you first took out your mobile phone contract. Pay as you go will be much more expensive but will also work if you are a very light user.

To find the cheapest deal you have to:

Evaluate your usage – since you already had a contract, you already have a good picture of how much you use your phone and how much you pay extra every month. This time, knowing your phone usage pattern may lead you to finding the right deal.

Find the right deal – compare and contrast all the deals out there that suit your usage pattern. Check deals that will give you extras with no added cost.

Get freebies – if you are a good payer, mobile network providers will be after you and will offer a great deal of gifts to have your business.